• 51% increase in volume of first-time depositing players
  • 22% cheaper cost per first-time depositing player
  • 29% more registrant volume


About Magical Vegas

Magical Vegas offers an Online Gaming Platform with hundreds of casino games available to access on any device. Online acquisition of not only registrants but actual first-time depositing players is vital to their growth, where a fraction of a reduction in cost makes all the difference.

We were very impressed by the expertise of the Marin Social customer success team as they were able to provide a tactical execution strategy with a focus on optimization. When we heard about their algorithm based optimization feature we had to be a part of the BETA as we have very competitive KPI goals to meet. Prior to Marin Social we were spending countless hours in managing Facebook ads with manual means of optimization using the Power Editor tool. The Marin Social team delivered beyond expectations by successfully increasing the volume of first time depositing players and lowering costs. I highly recommend Marin for not only their expertise in Facebook advertising but also their innovative optimization features that set them apart from the competition.

Gidon Jacobs
Digital Marketing Manager/ Spacebar Media

The Goal—Scale Conversions at a Lower Cost and Automate the Tedious Process of Manual Budget Adjustments

Magical Vegas had been using Facebook’s Power Editor tool and wanted to improve their performance by implementing an automated solution. They wanted to take a structured test and control approach so they could clearly measure the impact of the new solution. They were a natural fit to test Marin Social’s new Marin Budget Allocation to achieve a competitive primary KPI goal of increasing volume of first-time depositing players while decreasing costs.

Test and Control Approach to Algorithmic Optimization

To assure an adequate test, the media plan comprised two groups of campaigns, one with the algo and one without. There was also a month’s worth of historical data to benchmark against. The campaigns ran for a full month flight with the same audience targeting parameters, creative, and potential reach. The objective was to determine if the Marin Budget Allocation campaigns could outperform the campaigns that were being manually managed. The bulk creation tool was used to quickly create new campaigns aligned with a new test structure. Slight adjustments were made to the campaign bi-weekly, with insights gleaned from Marin’s context sensitive reports to determine which device was driving optimal return on ad spend.

Algo Based Budget Optimization 1, Manual Optimization 0

Turning on the algorithm is as simple as activating a button when managing campaigns in Marin Social. The algorithm was refreshed in near real-time, with automatic adjustments made to the budget value across ad sets. The algorithm rewards ad sets that meet the campaign goal, including both the volume and costs of conversion.

Performance highlights of the campaign with Marin Budget Allocation versus without:

  • 51% increase in volume of first-time depositing players
  • 22% cheaper cost per first-time depositing player
  • 29% more registrant volume

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