Created in 2008, is an online store of automotive spare parts for individuals. First launched in France, Mister Auto has rapidly grown to be present in 21 countries today with a catalog of more than 300,000 product references. Due to its positioning, the company invests mainly in online communication, in particular through paid search campaigns that best meet the purchasing logic of its users. With this in mind, Mister Auto seeks increased performance optimization by maximizing turnover while controlling acquisition costs. The marketing strategy for all the territories is managed from France.


As an e-commerce site with a catalog of several thousand products, Mister Auto was quickly confronted with the challenges of managing the long tail. On the one hand, it was necessary to manually monitor, manage and optimize the bids of several million keywords. On the other hand, international expansion added new campaigns of similar sizes to each opening of a new market. The desire to have better control of auctions, the lack of time and resources as well as the desire not to slow down international growth led Mister Auto to turn to a technological solution for automated auction management.


Marin Software's solution gave Mister Auto all the flexibility it needed to set up automatic auctions. First, through detailed conversion path reports, Mister Auto was able to identify keywords that were involved in the final sale without actually being given any value. These under-valued keywords could be factored into campaign optimization using Marin's customizable attribution models, re-adding value to these under-exploited keywords due to the initial 'last one' attribution model. click "

In addition, the choice between different auction strategies offered by Marin to achieve various objectives of CPA, ROI or position has made it possible to define a fine and flexible optimization approach. Indeed, Marin is the only platform that can combine for the same campaign: a visibility strategy and / or a volume strategy and / or a performance strategy by having the possibility of switching from one to the other in one. instant. Mister Auto can also protect itself against uncontrolled expenses by controlling auctions via the definition of additional rules: exclusion of dates, seasonality boost function, reactive capture of the latest upward or downward trends. With twenty-one countries covered, variable average baskets, different margins per product,


The automation of auctions has had the effect of harmonizing regional strategies and securing accounts against market fluctuations caused by the emergence of new competitors. The power and flexibility of Marin Software's auction management tool effectively enabled the Mister Auto team to create a set of automatic rules tailored to each market. Thanks to the time saved by this automated management, it was also able to concentrate its efforts on the structure of the long tail, by extending its lists of keywords in each country and on the improvement of Bing campaigns, optimization levers. to capture new growth opportunities that were previously under-exploited.

Thus, Mister Auto has doubled its investments in Bing thanks to the efforts made on the long tail. The company also saw an 18% increase in revenue per click and a 15% increase in revenue at constant ROI. Throughout the various phases of getting started with the tool, optimizing and setting up automatic bidding strategies, Mister Auto has benefited from the support and experience of Marin's service teams based in Paris.