Dublin, Ireland
  • Both Paddy Power and Betfair brands saw a roughly 30% decrease in CPA while driving app installs on Apple Search Ads
  • CPA improvements helped marketers maintain volume and revenue while freeing up budget to reinvest in additional growth opportunites
  • Eliminating manual bidding activities led to significant time savings


Paddy Power is one of the most popular betting brands in the UK and Ireland, where they operate a chain of licensed betting shops and an easy-to-use app. Their marketing is globally renowned for its distinct brand of mischief.

Betfair operates the world’s largest online betting exchange, which includes an app, online casino, online poker, online bingo, and a sportsbook.

Together, both brands are operated by Flutter Entertainment. Their retail business includes more than 620 Paddy Power betting shops across the UK and Ireland, a number of apps and events, and a range of B2B partnerships, where they supply their pricing and exchange technology to third parties.

We tested Marin Bidding on Apple Search Ads and our CPAs came down by 30%. Our CPCs became more manageable and we were able to free up budget to re-invest in additional growth opportunities. We're thrilled with the results, and we plan to keep using Marin Bidding on other lines of business in the future.

Anthony Elders
Head of Search at Paddy Power Betfair


Advertising for both the Paddy Power and Betfair apps is optimized toward installs in the App Store (on Apple devices) and Google Play (on Android devices). Historically, much of the bidding was a manual process, which took a significant amount of time and led to inefficiencies.

The apps were being promoted on Apple Search Ads, a publisher that offers marketers a way to promote mobile apps in the App Store and help users discover apps on iPhones and iPads. However, they were experiencing very high CPCs, which were then translating into correspondingly high CPAs.

The Paddy Power Betfair team set out to increase efficiency and test how low they could drive CPCs and CPAs without seeing a dip in-app installs or revenue.


The Paddy Power Betfair team decided to test Marin Bidding on their Apple Search Ads campaigns to see if they could improve efficiency and lower CPCs and CPAs while maintaining steady app installs and revenue.

The team put together several Bid Strategies, optimizing toward a cost per lead goal, and let Marin’s automated bidding algorithm do what it does best -- calculate the optimal cost per click needed to meet the team’s specific CPA goals. Marin’s machine learning handled all the hard work behind the scenes, leaving the team free to focus on other growth opportunities.


After testing Marin Bidding for approximately two months, the result was a roughly 30% reduction in CPAs while maintaining volume, app installs, and revenue.

This improvement in efficiency then freed up enough budget so the team could apply it toward other marketing programs, reinvesting the money to increase volume in other verticals.

A Marin Bidding test on Apple Search Ads campaigns led to increased efficiency, resulting in a roughly 30% reduction in CPA and a corresponding improvement in CPCs.

Despite the improvement in CPCs and CPA, there was no significant dip in volume, app installs, or revenue

The efficiency improvements allowed the Paddy Power Betfair team to reinvest budget in additional growth opportunities.