• 35% increase in click-through rates
  • 30% decrease in cost-per-like
  • Reduced time spent on reporting by 20%

A little about Path Interactive

Path Interactive is a full-service internet advertising firm that manages results oriented ad campaigns for national, regional & local business clients. With a focus on pay per click (PPC) and search engine marketing, Path Interactive’s clients include Billboard.com, Loehman’s, Zagat, and over 100 national and local brands.

Marin has provided a huge increase in efficiency for managing Facebook Ads. Creative Rotation has helped us maintain performance over time, and the automated bid optimization ensures we are as effective as possible with ad-spend.

James Connell
Search Director at Path Interactive

Looking for a cross-channel advertising solution

Path Interactive operates extensive marketing programs for brands across paid search, SEO, display and social adverting. Each year their clients have chosen to drive an increasing amount of their budget towards social media advertising. For Path Interactive, however, managing cross-channel online advertising campaigns for national brands was becoming increasingly time-consuming. The agency needed a solution that would enable their team to work more effectively between the marketing channels and spend less time analyzing disparate data sets in Excel.

The agency’s challenges were most acute when trying to manage the performance of ads on Facebook. Path Interactive has multiple retail clients, each with goals of building a Facebook fan base to increase revenue and enable remarketing on the site. The Path Interactive team was spending a significant amount of time calculating and adjusting Facebook bids manually. Plus the agency was seeing considerable decreases in campaign performance over time due to user’s growing fatigue with Facebook Ads. Path Interactive needed a solution to alert them when these drops in click-through-rate occurred and to more efficiently edit ads to prevent performance decreases over time.

Path Interactive values the powerful Facebook solutions found in Marin

Path Interactive performed an extensive evaluation of online advertising management platforms, concluding that Marin Software provided the best solution to meet their unique search and social marketing requirements. Marin addresses Path Interactive’s workflow needs, providing an analysis and optimization solution for Facebook ads, fully integrated with a paid search management platform. Also, because it was one of the first Facebook API tools to market, Path Interactive was confident that Marin would address their growing Facebook needs with a full-featured solution. The integration of paid-search and social allows the agency to easily analyze cross-channel interactions for clients and build holistic online advertising reports from a single interface.

Marin’s audience templates and segmentation tools for Facebook made the ad creation process much more efficient for Path Interactive. And, the Creative Rotation feature for Facebook Ads instantly helped the agency address the ad-fatigue that was driving click-through-rates down.

Path Interactive decreases cost-per-like by 30%

Path Interactive has seen impressive time savings and improved performance using Marin to manage Facebook Ads. Marin Creative Rotation saves Path Interactive hours that that they previously spent changing images and creative to boost performance of ads when click-through rates began to drop. In addition, automating the creative refresh enabled the agency to rotate ads more often, improving average click-through rates up to 35% for one customer. Marin enabled Path Interactive to meet their client’s Facebook “fan” goals much more efficiently by optimizing spend according to ad-performance by audience segment. With one large retail client they were able to get 30% of paid visitors to “like” the brand’s page by promoting a give-away with Facebook Ads. In this example, Marin’s automated bid optimization and creative rotation decreased the cost-per-like by over 30%.