• 30% lower CPA
  • 11% higher CTR
  • Generated 1/3 of total sales

Setting Objectives for a Successful Launch

To ensure a successful product launch in North America and beyond for a powerful new streaming and gaming device, a leading technology company decided to leverage large-scale Facebook advertising. The primary goals were to drive awareness and meet direct response KPIs such as website traffic and, ultimately, sales.

Marin Software was tasked with running an extensive Facebook advertising program through a partnership with a leading digital advertising agency, executing on strategy and managing campaigns directly (through a Managed Services subscription) to meet the client’s objectives.

Executing Strategy to Rule the Living Room

The client, with guidance from the Marin Software team, settled on a strategy of sequencing large-scale video campaigns with laser-focused direct response ads. Using Marin Social, the Managed Services team first drove video engagement using compelling creatives, and then retargeted users who watched 100% of the videos with optimized post link ads (including carousel format).

  • Step 1: Built and launched a video campaign to increase awareness, using high-impact creative that was uploaded directly to Facebook.
  • Step 2: Constructed video engagement Custom Audiences from those campaigns, capturing all users who watched the entire video.
  • Step 3: Retargeted the high-intent Custom Audiences with Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads, using promotional CTAs and offering a $100-off discount.

The campaign hinged on two important factors: video creative and advanced targeting. First, the client’s strong video creative assets were core to the campaign, and Facebook was ideally suited to show them off. Second, the combination of Facebook’s advanced targeting settings and Marin Social’s powerful audience segmentation capabilities allowed the team to reach high-value audiences. The team successfully targeted users interested in gaming, as well as lookalikes of fans and site visitors. Retargeting efforts were focused on video viewers, site visitors, and visitors who added to their shopping cart.

Strong Video Engagement Results

Ultimately, the client’s video engagement campaigns performed exceptionally well, generating higher sales than any other individual targeting strategy. Specific results include:

Specific results include:

  • 30% lower CPA than average
  • 11% higher CTR than average
  • Highest number of sales (1/3 of total)