United Kingdom
  • 2.7x higher online ROI
  • 2.9x higher offline ROI
  • Optimizing in-store sales with lookalike audiences

About Starcom

Starcom is among the largest media networks in the world and a part of France’s Publicis Groupe, the third-largest communications group globally. Starcom provides solutions for investment, management, strategy planning, and research.

The time savings and performance benefits that we see with Marin Social have been key drivers for us to deliver positive growth. Marin’s expertise in the paid social realm allows us to push the boundaries with industry-leading solutions you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Oscar Romero
Head of Performance Media Performics-Starcom

Measuring and Optimizing Performance from an Omnichannel Lens

A leading international jewelry brand worked with Starcom, a digital advertising agency, to increase brand awareness and sales to both their brand site and retail stores in the United Kingdom.

Starcom wanted to expand the retailers reach while maintaining Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goals. They’re always on the lookout for innovative and cost-effective ways to target new, high-value audiences on Facebook. As an omnichannel retailer with a large global presence, it’s challenging to determine how online ad campaigns impact leading retailer’s offline sales, while making scalable performance adjustments to reach a new audience beyond traditional website retargeting.

Working hand in hand with Marin’s customer success team, two key objectives were identified heading into the competitive retail holiday season:

  • Scale Performance. How can we maintain ROAS goals while reaching new audiences? Instead of just remarketing to people who didn’t convert, how can we get the most out of Marin’s innovative audience targeting offering to achieve goals?
  • Omnichannel Audience Optimization. How do we measure ROI impact both online and in-store? Instead of just measuring performance to e-commerce sales, it was vital to also be able to understand the impact online campaigns had on in-store sales.

Scaling Performance with Marin Social

After analyzing account performance, Marin’s customer success team recommended an innovative audience targeting feature called Campaign Lookalikes to scale performance. The team tested audiences from Campaign Lookalikes against Facebook’s standard custom audiences, including website traffic and traffic lookalikes.

Thanks to the ability to create lookalike audiences based on previous campaign conversions, the marketing team was able to reach high-quality audiences more likely to purchase than just browse. The team also implemented offline conversion tracking to measure the impact of Facebook campaigns on in-store sales, delivering new performance insights for better decision-making.

Doubling Down on Paid Social for Omnichannel Growth

Campaign lookalike audiences delivered outstanding results for the leading retailer, far exceeding their growth goals while maintaining ROI targets. This was true not only for online transactions, but also in-store sales at the cash register.

A Closer Look

Campaign lookalikes delivered 2.7x higher ROI online and 2.9x higher ROI offline than website custom audiences and website lookalikes.

Link CTR grew 2.7x, showcasing increased engagement from the campaign lookalike audiences compared to regular Facebook targeting strategies.

The team is exploring new strategies to optimize in-store sales with campaign lookalike audiences.