• Made Facebook Advertising campaign scalable through automated creative rotation and predictive bidding algorithm
  • Path-to-conversion report enabled understanding of how Facebook assists consumers to a conversion as part of broader online campaigns
  • Found that Facebook actions taken on a last click attribution model showed 3% conversion rate whilst multi-click attribution model showed a 15% conversion rate for Facebook.


Founded in 2010, is a one-stop shop for the latest, hottest accessories, curated by leading celebrity stylists, including MTV presenter Louise Roe. The proposition is founded on edited choice – the stylists pick their perfect pieces and provide tips on how to wear them. Cheryl Cole also designs an exclusive collection for Stylistpick as well as choosing her favourites from the main range. In line with edited choice, there is a strong personalisation element to the proposition – customers can take a fashion quiz and receive a personal showroom that has been picked to match their style profile.

Marin Software is different to many other Facebook advertising management platforms, as they understand that Facebook plays a role further up the sales funnel. The fact you can manage Facebook alongside other channels such as search and display means you can gain an understanding of how Facebook Ads are working as part of your online media mix and not in a silo. Their workflow, campaign management and optimisation features also mean we save a lot of time and gain a greater focus on ROI in a scalable way.

Cormac Doyle
Senior Online Marketing Manager at StylistPick


Stylistpick have a very successful Facebook page, with over 100,000 likes. They encourage people to take their “Style Quiz” as the first step in the sales cycle, which fits very well with Facebook’s social environment. They were using Facebook Ads to drive signups, but were keen to scale up their Facebook campaigns. Additionally, the number of impressions for Facebook ads meant that consumers were quickly becoming blind to their advertising creative, resulting in low Click-Through-Rates (CTR). Stylistpick needed a solution to facilitate campaign optimisation and automate bidding to an ROI goal.

Stylistpick also wanted to expand their online advertising campaigns across paid search and the Google Display Network. Furthermore, they had existing affiliate campaigns, email campaigns, sponsorships with online publishers, display activity through various agencies and offers on daily deal sites and wanted to understand what impact Facebook had in the path-to-conversion amongst all the other online channels they were using. In particular, they wanted to make the connection between Facebook actions and website conversions.


Stylistpick turned to Marin Software, the leading online advertising management platform across search, social, display and mobile. Marin Software’s creative rotation functionality helped Stylistpick reduce the impact of ad blindness on Facebook creative. They could also use Marin Software’s predictive bidding algorithm to optimise Facebook ads to drive maximum volume while meeting or exceeding ROI targets. These and other workflow and campaign management capabilities within Marin Software, made their Facebook Advertising campaigns more scalable.

Additionally, because Marin Software’s platform can manage and optimise campaigns across search, social and display, Stylistpick were also able to manage their paid search and Google Display Network campaigns through the same interface as their Facebook campaigns. This meant they were easily able to understand which actions taken by consumers across search, social and display were driving conversions. Furthermore, Stylistpick could integrate click data from their other online campaigns into Marin Software’s path-to-conversion report so they could understand how these channels were working with clicks from search, social and display to assist consumers to a conversion.


Working with Marin Software, Stylistpick was able to identify Facebook’s role in the path-to-conversion and understand the value that Facebook was providing. When Stylistpick looked at Facebook actions taken on a last click attribution model the conversion rate was only 3%. However, when they looked at Facebook on a multi-click attribution model, it showed a 15% conversion rate. Showing that while Facebook is not as powerful as a direct response tool, when used as a channel within a wider online advertising strategy it plays an important role influencing downstream conversion.

Furthermore, Marin Software’s workflow, campaign management and optimisation functionality saved Stylistpick’s team significant time in the management of Facebook campaigns and also generated a CTR increase of 50% within the first month.