• 44% lower CPI on iOS
  • 35% lower CPI on Android
  • £1 average CPI
  • 62% more app installs

Dating Reinvented

Launched in November 2012, TrueView is a start-up based in the heart of East London’s Tech City. They offer a fun and free social networking app for dating. The creators of TrueView hope to revolutionize how users meet new people through their smartphones, based on the places they go and the interests they share.TrueView works with Michael Merredy, an award winning marketing consultant (Chartered Institute of Marketing) who specializes in running profitable user acquisition campaigns for clients on a national and international basis, across multiple platforms, channels, and industries. Merredy has been an integral part of acquiring 100s of millions of users for digital products globally.

Marin Social allowed me to quickly create and test multiple campaigns, targeting multiple user demographics. Thanks to Marin Social’s budget features, I was able to ensure that the best performing campaigns gained access to the budget they needed. As a result, I’ve been able to acquire a large number of quality app users at a low cost for TrueView.

Michael Merredy
Director at Merredy Consulting

Looking for the Right Fit

TrueView’s primary goal is to drive quality users and installs for their mobile dating app at a low CPI. Merredy knew that Instagram’s mobile-first focus would be well suited to driving app installs and telling a story through photo ads. This – along with the wealth of targeting options and the powerful audience segmentation settings available in Marin Social – meant that Instagram and Marin would be a great fit for their goals.

A Perfect Match

Merredy used Marin Social’s bulk creator to quickly assemble multiple Instagram campaigns and ad sets, with targeting based on user demographics. Next, with a target budget and number of installs in mind, Merredy created custom bid and budget rules to automatically work towards these goals. After launch, each campaign and ad set for every user segment was continuously optimized at the ad level, to ensure optimal performance.

Inspired Results

Compared to previous marketing campaign benchmarks from other channels and publishers, the Instagram campaigns delivered superior results. Merredy was able to generate a vastly improved volume of high-quality users at a low cost. In fact, they plan to invest 400% more in Instagram in the future. Specific results include:

  • 44% lower CPI on iOS than the second-best marketing channel
  • 35% lower CPI for Android than the second-least expensive channel
  • £1 CPI or less, for both Android and iOS
  • Instagram generated the most app installs of any marketing channel over the same period, and 62% more than their second-best marketing channel