Traffic and lead supplier for medium-sized companies

"Who delivers what" is the reliable traffic and lead supplier for small and medium-sized companies in the DA-CH market. Search engine marketing (SEA and SEO) at the highest level ensures efficient traffic buying and thus forms the backbone of the business model. Because qualified traffic and thus potential customers is the main sales argument for booking chargeable entries. With around 46,000 categories and offers ranging from “helipad heating” to “ophthalmic instruments”, the search term set to be advertised in the SEA is correspondingly diverse and complex.

The wheel that we turn in the SEA at“ Who delivers what ”is no less complex than that of a large retailer. The software with which we control our campaigns must also be correspondingly powerful. With Marin we have not only found a tool that offers us the scope and flexibility that we need. We have also gained a partner who, together with our team, continuously discovers and develops potential. The committed and professional advice, a significant increase in efficiency and a disproportionate increase in traffic confirm our choice.

Anne Schönbrunn
Head of Online Marketing at "Wer Liefer what"

In-house marketing activities

In 2012, “Who delivers what” decided to bring the SEA campaign management back into the company from an external agency. The in-house SEA team consists of two experts. In addition to search engine marketing, the online marketing mix of “Wer hilft was” also includes generating traffic via Facebook, YouTube, the Google Display Network and retargeting.

High quality traffic for 46,000 categories

The SEA team from “Wer hilft was” was faced with the task of setting up and managing the SEA campaigns for Google and Bing in such a way that the demand for high-quality traffic for the 46,000 categories is efficiently covered and B2C bounces are minimized. The most important performance metrics for the team: Click-out to the customer page, i.e. to the website of the provider who advertises on “Who delivers what”, and the views on the customer profiles.

Campaign management according to ROAS

The comprehensive analysis of an external data science service provider recommended that “Who delivers what” should control the SEA campaigns as granularly as possible, since the 46,000 categories differ greatly from one another and a less detailed campaign management results in the return on advertising spend (ROAS) would weaken.

The SEA team from “Wer hilft was” therefore relies on campaign management that is geared towards optimizing the ROAS. Many e-commerce companies follow a similar SEA strategy. However, “Who delivers what” compares the advertising costs with a virtual goods value that does not correspond to the order value, but is calculated from 80 criteria.

Granular control of the ad groups

When choosing a campaign management and control tool, the option of controlling by category and ad group was therefore at the top of the list of priorities. Since the demand analysis for the traffic in the individual categories is updated every 24 hours, dynamic control is important. Marin now enables the supplier search engine to be controlled in detail at the AdGroup level.

Automated analysis data processing and bid management

The very dynamic control can be automatically transferred to bid management via Marin on the basis of the updated traffic demand reports from the "who-deliver-what" system and adapted. Thanks to the seamless connection of Google Analytics tracking to the Marin app, analytics data can also be processed automatically and incorporated into bidding and control. Numerous other automation options relieve the SEA team.