• 107% increase in conversions
  • 15% decrease in CPL
  • 22% increase in click volume



WorldFirst is a fast-growing foreign exchange platform for individuals and international businesses, based out of the UK. Founded in 2004, they now have a global team of 650, with over 450,000 global customers, and over 150,000 global businesses using them for international transactions.

Building Search Intent Audiences has helped us align both our Search and Social campaigns in order to drive higher quality interactions with those more interested in our product. Layering this with Budget Optimizer has ensured a much more targeted approach at a higher conversion rate and lower overall costs.

Head of Digital Acquisition at WorldFirst


Like many brands in the financial sector, search marketing has always been at the forefront of WorldFirst’s overall digital strategy, and they were struggling to scale their social audience activity.

With the rise of social media, customers are more connected and empowered than ever, forcing financial companies to provide top-notch experiences alongside their traditional services. With the help of Marin, WorldFirst wanted to effectively take advantage of social advertising as a powerful acquisition channel, while boosting customer relationships and upselling premium services.


Marin introduced two additional tools to supercharge WorldFirst social performance, helping the team see the value that social campaigns were bringing to their overall strategy:

  • MarinOne Budget Optimizer: Budget Optimizer is Marin’s premier budget management solution, making it easier for marketers to forecast, monitor, and automatically reallocate budgets across their most efficient marketing channels with ease. With Budget Optimizer, the WorldFirst team created budget plans in advance, and had Marin’s algorithm pace the budget across search and social to achieve the best results—all based on historical performance.
  • Search Intent Audiences: The WorldFirst team incorporated Search Intent Audiences into their campaign strategy to automatically create and update Facebook Custom Audiences based on intent demonstrated through search engine activity. This means that marketers are able to show ads to consumers who’ve searched for specific keywords, while using Facebook’s targeting capabilities to find more customers like them. This strategy helped align their search engine marketing and social advertising, mixing the power of intent with repeated brand exposure on a high-growth channel.


By leveraging MarinOne Budget Optimizer and Search Intent Audiences, the WorldFirst team generated outstanding results on Facebook:

  • 107% increase in conversions
  • 15% decrease in CPL
  • 22% increase in click volume

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