Align, understand, and share all your clients' performance marketing data.

Unlock a new level of intelligence and transparency with our unified data management platform.

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Here’s why some of the world’s biggest brands use Connect for their reporting platform.

Marketing Data Pipelines are an incomplete solution:

  • No revenue tracking
  • Siloed data with multiple object formats
  • Data export required for analysis
  • No capability to optimize your programs based on your data

Unify reporting across publishers and channels

Marin gathers all your client’s marketing data - from publisher accounts, to Google Analytics, to CRMs, and even product feeds - into one reporting suite.

"Having all of our data in different locations was creating a reporting challenge for us. We had everything we needed, but getting it all into a single spot was a headache. Marin’s BI Connect helped us solve that. Now, our reporting is streamlined and we have a better understanding of cross-channel performance, which has helped us identify insights and set up alerts and automation."

Paul Spokes

Director at AMS Media Group

Enjoy easy onboarding and automatic data standardization

Connect aligns conversion metrics across publishers, simplifying analysis and reporting. We make your clients' data ready for analysis, linking conversions to cost – with data storage and long-term retention included.

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Are you ready to take your analytics to the next level?

Don't just collect data, understand it

Ask questions of your clients' data with flexible analytics grids. Built-in pivot tables roll up data, and custom columns let you define your own metrics. Also, stay on top of performance changes with automated Alerts.

Visualize performance with cross-channel dashboards

Streamline reporting with customizable dashboards. Add widgets to showcase the data visualizations that matter to you. Charts and graphs auto-update daily as new client data is piped into the platform.

Marin allowed AMS to cut out many hours of tedious reporting each week so they could spend more time focusing on strategy.

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Easily share data with clients

View all your client’s metrics and insights wherever and whenever you want. Automate Excel and Google Sheets reporting with web query reports. Export your data to the spreadsheet or BI tool your client prefers.

Only Connect provides a comprehensive solution to reporting challenges

Connect delivers greater reliability, faster support of formats, and more robust access to detailed data – with unlimited users and daily data refresh.

Marin offers more across management, optimization, and automation

Search Publisher
Social Publishers
Via third-party
Retail Media Publishers
Other Publishers
Performance Max Support
Account configuration
Link unlimited accounts to your ID
Integrates with your data warehouses
and more...
Unified data model for easy analysis
Budget pacing report
Across strategies
Automated conversion data integration
Works with third-party bidding
No-code and script-based Automation
All Publishers
Alerts and promotion of high-performing organic posts
Cross-channel full stack professional support team
Dynamic campaign creation

Don't forget our revenue and first-party integrations! 
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