The Challenge
the challenge

Online conversions captured by publisher pixels are often only the beginning

To fully optimize your campaigns across channels, you need to look beyond the first conversion  or touch point after the ad. Your conversion measurement strategy should incorporate the entire customer journey, including offline sales, and customer lifetime value. 

This usually means bringing together data from multiple sources which then needs to be connected back to ad spend data from the publishers. Publisher tracking pixels are not enough. Relying entirely on publisher data – designed to increase spend on the platform – as a source of truth can often result in spending your budgets in the wrong places and missing your targets. 

Marin can help you bring this all together.

Optimize across all channels and customer stages

Revenue Connect is an open, flexible platform that can easily consume conversion data from any source – such as analytics platforms, call-tracking solutions, attribution systems, or internal data warehouses – to capture data from all your critical marketing systems.

Revenue Connect is a key component of Marin’s customer lifecycle ecosystem that enables you to see deep into your purchase funnels, connect offline sales to online advertising, and optimize toward customer lifetime value across search, social, and display publishers. 

If you advertise across channels, you can also take advantage of our data normalization engine to align data across publishers, stitch spend and conversion data and prepare it for further analysis in Marin or the BI tool of your choice..

Sync revenue data to Google Ads, Meta, and more

Now you can take Revenue Connect one step further with Marin’s Revenue Hub, an easy way to sync revenue and conversion data from Marin back to the publisher to optimize your campaigns. Skip the lengthy development process with Google, and let Marin effortlessly connect your data. We’ve also added the option to reconcile historical conversions, enabling you to track lifetime value from every customer and conversion.

Quickly get started

Marin has hundreds of pre-built integrations to quickly and easily unite your entire performance marketing ecosystem – and our experts are here to help if your preferred platforms are missing!