the challenge

Are you struggling with the scale and scope of your campaigns?

Publisher tools are built for the “average” account, keeping things simple and easy to use. But you’re not average right? Whether you’re a large global brand managing millions of keywords and ads or a scale-agency where account directors have hundreds of small accounts, these same tools are often not enough. 

That’s why you need one unified, intelligent platform to bring all your campaigns together and make it easier to scale your programs.

Link unlimited accounts in Marin

The foundation of any platform built for scale is the ability to unite your entire ecosystem. That’s why Marin has the ability to integrate all the systems that matter to your team. And we’ve made it easy to link all the publishers that matter to you with our Linking Wizard.

Once your systems are integrated, Marin’s AI-powered data models normalize and unite your data – delivering it in powerful in-app reporting or seamlessly exporting it to your organization’s BI tool

Work across accounts…all of them

Marin makes it super simple to manage campaigns across channels at scale. Multi-edit ​​enables you to interact with your data in the grid, then select the items that need a change and use multi-edit to do it.

Multi-edit allows you to adjust budgets, tag dimensions, set up bidding, change CPCs, and much more. You can quickly and easily make changes across accounts and publishers.

And Bulk edit enables you to make changes across campaigns and accounts by uploading one single spreadsheet.

Marin also offers Campaign Sync which copies all your Google campaigns over to their corresponding Bing account, so you can be certain they’re in full alignment. 

Let our intelligent automations lighten your load

Marin’s robust automations, like Scripts, Dimensions, Scheduled Actions, and Dynamic Campaigns are here to lighten the load. When it comes to making sure your URL tagging game is always on point, our URL Builder has got your back. And our Automation Impact Dashboard will help you keep track of all the actions Marin’s taking on your behalf.

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Are you ready to scale your performance marketing?

If you’re ready to see how Marin can help you take your campaigns to the next level, reach out to us today!