Display Advertising

MarinOne will help you identify optimization opportunities through insights, powerful dashboards and best in class algorithmic bidding across display prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

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Unified platform

Single interface for measuring, managing, and optimizing your display advertising programs.

Powerful reporting

Quickly understand your display performance side-by-side with search, social, and eCommerce with a customizable cross-channel dashboard.

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Full funnel optimization

Optimize campaigns from top of the funnel to retargeting and deliver the right ad at the right time.

Automated bidding

Outflank competitors for visibility with intraday bidding. Marin’s Automated Bidding tools are powered by Machine Learning and are compatible with publisher bid strategies.

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Campaign Forecasting Report

Predict results

Predict results at varying levels of spend across display publishers and campaigns

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A/B testing

Identify top performing display creatives with MarinOne’s customizable A/B Testing solutions.

A/B Testing

With MarinOne, your display ads will reach high intent audiences with tailored ads to appeal to customers at the top of the funnel, capture engagement with retargeting, and ultimately drive conversions. Request a demo today to learn how we can help you plan, execute, and measure your display campaigns.