Marin Display

The only fully transparent retargeting and prospecting solution powered by cross-channel intent

Powered by cross-channel intent data, Marin Display is a SaaS-based, real-time bidding platform for retargeting and prospecting customers across channels and devices. Unlike other platforms, Marin Display features an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard so you can take control over your audiences, campaigns, and ads, optimize performance, and get full transparency into your key performance metrics.

Identify and connect with all your audiences

  • Build audiences and launch campaigns in minutes

    Marin Display was designed to give you total control and transparency over where your campaigns are run, who you’re targeting, and which ads are shown to these audiences. The intuitive, self-serve interface helps you set up your campaigns and ads so you can start reaching new customers within minutes.

  • Seamlessly deliver advertising across the top sites and mobile apps

    Direct integrations with the largest desktop and mobile ad exchanges – including Google’s AdX, OpenX, PubMatic, Rubicon, MoPub, and more – enable you to seamlessly reach your customers across any website, mobile app, or geography from one, unified interface.

  • Increase engagement with dynamic product retargeting

    Dynamic product retargeting has been shown to drive up to 3x engagement compared to static retargeting. Customers can connect their Google Merchant Center accounts to create dynamic product ads within Marin Display. And, only Marin enables you to integrate your search and social intent data to create highly personalized ads that drive higher engagement.

  • Maximize the value from your first-party data with seamless data onboarding

    Marin’s open platform architecture enables seamless data integration through partnerships with the top mobile measurement and onboarding technologies including LiveRamp, Acxiom, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Tune, and many more. Advertisers can easily onboard their first and third party customer data using the Marin Smart Tag™, Marin’s proprietary container tag. Seamlessly build audiences using your app event data, or online and offline customer data, for retargeting across channels and devices.

Take control and effortlessly optimize performance to improve your bottom line

Optimize campaigns on your terms with flexibility and control

Take full control over every aspect of your campaigns. From basic settings such as global frequency caps, geographic targeting and exclusions, or placement blacklisting, to more advanced optimization features such as customized bid boosts, Marin offers a diverse set of tools to help you make the best decisions and optimize campaigns on your terms.

Optimize your bidding strategy with Bid Boosts

Marin is the only solution that lets you optimize your bidding strategy by setting bid boosts based on visitor recency. Recency reporting provides performance data segmented into 13 distinct recency buckets. From there, you can set custom bid boosts for each of those segments to increase the maximum CPM bid for visitors based on how recently they visited the site.


Real-time bidding doesn’t have to be so complex.

The goal is to reach the best audience at the right moment at the best price. Our bidding algorithm optimizes each bid based on the billions of data points that we encounter on each real-time bidding impression auction. We then dynamically evaluate the optimal bid amount necessary for you to reach your audience as efficiently as possible.


Get full transparency to improve performance and make smarter decisions

  • Gain deeper insights with a fully transparent reporting dashboard

    Unlike some black box retargeting platforms, Marin offers you full visibility into costs and performance data via an intuitive reporting dashboard. By making it easy to track performance from cookie to conversion, you can focus on identifiable trends, insights, and opportunities for improving performance

  • Get to know your customers better by tracking conversion-level performance

    Conversion Explorer is a unique reporting feature that provides deeper level insight for each click-through and view-through conversion. View valuable information such as order value, the creative ad unit that drove the conversion, and the time lapse between the view/click and the conversion.

  • Make better decisions with unified cross-channel reporting

    As the leading cross-channel performance marketing platform, Marin is able to offer a unified reporting dashboard that lets you track and compare performance across your search, social, and display campaigns from a single interface.

Easily target and reach your customers across channels and devices

Remarket to your customers with intent data

The Marin Smart Tag™ and the Marin Mobile SDK collect and categorize data across channels, and across desktop and mobile devices – enabling you to create and target audiences based on their value and where they are in the purchase cycle.

Efficiently build and optimize precision-targeted audiences with Audience Manager

Use Marin’s advanced segmentation API to build precision-targeted audiences based on pages viewed, products browsed, specific actions taken, or even the intent a customer has shown. And, unlike other display solutions, we give you the tools to fine-tune your audiences through a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface.


Cross-device and mobile retargeting

The Marin Device Graph™ algorithmically matches unique users across desktop and mobile devices, using cross-device data collected from mobile measurement partners including AppsFlyer, Tune, and Adjust, as well as through the Marin Mobile SDK. Direct integrations with the top mobile exchanges ensures you can reach customers with ads on the latest and greatest mobile apps.


Programmatically expand your reach and find new customers

Marin offers a suite of tools to help you find and reach new customers. For programmatic audience expansion, Marin Lookalike Prospecting™ is the only prospecting solution that leverages search intent data to build lookalike models for targeting across channels and mobile devices. For more curated audience expansion, Partner Connect, our exclusive network of second-party audiences, helps you strategically expand your reach by connecting with key brands and publishers and targeting their visitors.


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