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Read the White Paper

The ABCs of Programmatic

A programmatic revolution is happening, and advertisers are in the thick of it. Unless you’ve got a programmatic dictionary on hand, it may be difficult to remember all the central concepts, acronyms, and metrics.

The ABCs of Programmatic is a detailed, 18-page primer that will help you understand the huge programmatic opportunity, and the lexicon and conventions you need to know to ride this latest wave of ad technology innovation to success.Download your copy to understand:

  • The programmatic ecosystem - the gatekeepers, the buyers, and the sellers
  • The 5 key data types (i.e., 2nd party data, behavioral intent, etc.)
  • The 9 types of targeting (i.e., contextual, audience, location, etc.)
  • The 8 (and growing) types of programmatic advertising (i.e., unreserved fixed rate, automated guaranteed, etc.)
  • The 7 essential performance metrics (i.e., eCPM, RPM, view-through conversions, etc.)

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