the challenge

Building custom audiences across publisher accounts is tedious

In the cookieless world, it's more important than ever to build audiences with the first-party data your business already has, like email addresses and phone numbers. But regularly uploading lists of email addresses to all your different publisher accounts is tedious and time consuming. Streamline the audience creation process with Audience Hub.

A hub for your proprietary data

Build audiences across search and social with just a few clicks. Share one data file with Marin, and Audience Hub will create both a Google Customer Match audience and a Facebook Custom audience based on it. You can then manage and maintain audiences for both platforms in one place.

The power of CRM data

If you're currently collecting data in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, you can feed this data into Audience Hub automatically. Marin will create unique audiences for different types of customers and prospects that you can target with differentiated messaging and bidding.

In-app audience reporting

Once you’ve created your audiences through Audience Hub, use the Audiences tab in the Marin UI to analyze the performance of each. See audience performance segmented by campaign or group, or roll-up data to compare entire audiences side by side. From both views, you can run reports, apply dimensions, and track all the relevant data you need to optimize your audiences.

Get started with custom audiences today

If you want to experience a simpler, more efficient way to reach your targets, reach out to Marin to get set up on our intelligent platform today.