Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Seamless integration with Atlas Advertiser Suite and Omniture analytics
  • Integration with ClickPath and other call tracking solution providers
  • Automated weekly reports save time
  • Easy onboarding for clients with a variety of analytics systems

A little about BKV

BKV is one of the largest independent full-service direct response agencies in the country. They provide a variety of services to their clients whose names appear on Fortune 500 lists and among the top non-profit organizations in the world. As a direct response agency, BKV focuses on generating tangible results through pinpoint acquisition and retention of customers and donors.

Utilizing Marin has enabled us to increase campaign scale and efficiency; giving us the ability to leverage our online/direct mail databases-integrating micro-targeted location keywords rapidly, and the ability to optimize web + phone conversions in real time. It’s integration with Atlas and call tracking, allows us to value the impact and interplay of all digital channels.

Raphael Rivilla
Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Media Officer at BKV

Quick onboarding and easy integration won confidence with their clients

CTBKV brought on a new client with over 600,000 keywords and it was taking a lot of time and effort to on-board them. BKV needed a scalable solution that provided automated optimization and reporting services. It was also important for BKV to increase efficiency while maintaining their current level of client support. In addition, the agency needed a platform that could be easily integrated with BKV tracking technologies and client analytics solutions, such as Atlas, DFA, Omniture and Click-Path without much manual intervention.

Marin easily integrated with legacy Atlas implementation

BKV evaluated an extensive list of solutions, but Marin Software was the only platform that provided a seamless integration with Atlas Advertiser Suite. Marin has a built-in functionality to pull de-duplicated data, via the Atlas reporting API, enabling BKV to leverage their client’s existing tracking tags to attribute conversions and revenue at the keyword level.

In addition to the ability to leverage data from from existing client analytics systems, BKV chose Marin because it provided bidding, campaign management and reporting solutions that made daily management and reporting more efficient. BKV’s account managers leverage Marin to provide automated dashboard reports to clients weekly, and are able to generate one-off professional looking reports upon client request.

Marin’s flexibility has allowed Atlas to take on clients with a variety of existing analytic systems

Marin’s robust tool adds insight and efficiency to BKV’s digital media management strategy. The integration with Atlas tracking data has allowed BKV to leverage accurate de-duplicated conversion data for precise bidding and performance optimization, improving marketing ROI for their clients. The platform has automated aspects of the campaign management and reporting processes, making it possible for them to serve clients better and focus on more strategic tasks such as campaign expansion and optimization. Regular and ad-hoc reporting has been significantly expedited and members of BKV’s team are able to efficiently analyze and address campaign performance changes according to client desires.

With Marin Software, BKV now has the ability to on-board large scale retailers with hundreds of thousands of keywords with much more efficient utilization of resources. The flexible data services solution makes it possible for BKV to take on clients with a variety of existing analytics systems, allowing BKV to be flexible in leveraging clients’ existing infrastructure.