Wisconsin, USA
  • Marin helped grow revenue 30% year over year
  • 30% reduction in time spent on keyword and creative management
  • Del City can now focus on more strategic initiatives and expanding their search program

A little about Del City

Since 1947, Del City has been a leading supplier of professional grade electrical and transportation supplies. Backed by industry-leading customer service, they offer over 10,000 products including wire, switches, terminals, and other electrical supplies. Del City’s focus on delivering the highest quality products with unmatched customer satisfaction has earned them a spot on the Internet Retailer Top 1,000 list. To acquire more customers and drive revenue, Del City relies on an integrated paid search program that is optimized based on a one-year customer value model.

We knew that a platform would be required to help scale our paid search program. Marin has been the perfect fit for our business and where we want to take it. With revenue growing year over year and our investment in paid search increasing, we’re definitely excited for what’s next.

David Krohn
Online Marketing Manager, Del City

In Pursuit of Better Bidding and Segmentation

TSupporting over 10,000 SKUs within their product catalog requires Del City to leverage a broad range of campaigns and extensive keyword lists. However, without a scalable workflow for managing creative tests and keyword expansion across AdWords and Bing Ads, they were consumed with trivial tasks that detracted from more strategic, high priority initiatives. Furthermore, performance across keywords varies significantly from brand to non-brand. The inability to identify and segment keywords across these business requirements limited Del City’s visibility into ad performance and their ability to effectively optimize campaigns.

Position-based bidding on a broad set of core keywords is critical to Del City’s optimization strategy. Position goals, which vary by match type, created a highly complex process where manual bid increases and decreases often resulted in keywords missing their target average position. This process was not only time consuming, but yielded suboptimal performance.

Hitting Position Targets and Maximizing Keyword Performance

Marin’s bulk upload capabilities enable Del City to quickly create and edit ad creative and easily generate new keywords using a single bulk sheet. Changes are made across AdWords and Bing Ads in just a few clicks without the need for multiple bulk sheets or logging into each publisher individually. Using Marin Dimensions, Del City tags their campaigns with a common identifier, outside of account structure, to roll up data across campaigns and publishers. As a result, comparing brand versus non-brand performance, and analyzing how different campaigns perform throughout the year is just a click away.

To successfully hit their position targets and maximize keyword performance, Del City leverages Marin’s patented bidding algorithm. Average position data is captured daily across match types for each of their core keywords, and bids are automatically increased or decreased to systematically achieve an average position within one tenth of the keywords’ target position.

Time-savings and 30% Revenue Increase

Marin has allowed Del City to grow their paid search program and drive better revenue outcomes. Using Marin’s bidding solution, Del City has not only eliminated the manual process of bidding, but has increased their paid search revenue by 30% year over year. Furthermore, by integrating the platform’s intuitive and streamlined workflows into their daily tasks, they have reduced the amount of time spent on keyword and creative management by 30%. This lets Del City focus on and invest in higher priority, strategic initiatives for expanding their paid search program.