• Small Business | +52% revenue increase
  • Consumer | +14% revenue increase

A Little Background

Peter Thiel, the Venture Capitalist famous for founding PayPal and backing Facebook, wrote in his book Zero to One:

“As computers become more and more powerful, they won’t be substitutes for humans: they’ll be complements”

This case study is an example of Thiel’s prognostication playing out in real time, with Mediacom’s strategic creativity amplified by Marin Software’s technology, and ultimately yielding exceptional bottom line results for Dell Consumer and Dell Business.

We’ve saved an enormous amount of time by trusting Marin to do the heavy lifting of dynamic, algorithmic bid assignments for our Shopping campaigns. Sometimes budget fluctuations can make bidding towards a consistent KPI a challenge, but the system handles these changes with ease. Marin bidding has allowed us to focus on strategic optimizations around campaign structure and feed management, ultimately taking our Shopping efforts to the next level.

Matt Lee
Digital Shopping Lead at MediaCom

The Challenge

Dell found itself in an untenable situation with a previous bid management platform, because its automated bidding algorithm was unable to achieve Dell’s performance targets. In fact, Dell was forced to manually bid on its Shopping campaigns.

Dell and Mediacom transitioned campaign management to Marin Software in search of better bidding technology and bottom line performance.

Human Ingenuity Meets Computer Power

Mediacom hatched an ingenious plan to grow Dell’s Shopping business across North America.To deliver on this grand vision, Mediacom partnered closely with experts at Marin Software to make sure all the pieces were in place for flawless execution.This joint planning phase covered everything from campaign organization down to tactical bidding configuration to wring out every ounce of performance.

Putting the actionable insights underpinning Mediacom’s new strategy into motion with Marin’s smart automation was the winning recipe to drive better performance across Dell’s Consumer and Enterprise lines of business. Mediacom’s strategy worked, with Dell’s Consumer sales increasing 14%, while its Business sales increased by over 52%.