• The CPLs in Germany could be reduced by up to 30%.
  • Increase in ROI by 24%.
  • Increases in efficiency enabled a six-fold increase in performance marketing expenses

Specialization in performance marketing for online dating communities

Digital Performance GmbH is a fast growing internet company in Berlin with more than 100 employees from over 20 nations. The company specializes in the development and marketing of scalable and high-performance community platforms in the online dating area. This includes, above all, the provision of online marketing services with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEA), affiliate marketing and media buying.

Marin strongly supports our approach of ROI-focused performance marketing. We don't just want to buy cheap traffic for our communities, we want to create internal transparency and achieve the overarching corporate goals. Above all, the diverse reporting functions of Marin have been an essential component for us in order to create transparency and to support the rapid scaling of the company.

Oliver Placek
Head of SEA at Digital Performance GmbH

Focus on ROAS

In contrast to many other marketing departments, Digital Performance GmbH does not just try to buy as much traffic as possible, but rather optimizes very strongly on ROI / ROAS goals and brings them in line with company goals.

Fast growth as a challenge

  • The desired rapid growth of the various platforms posed challenges for both internal IT and the product department. Among other things, scaling in the required order of magnitude was not possible with the existing technology setup.
  • The Marin platform's particularly user-friendly user interface enabled new employees to be onboarded quickly - a decisive factor in such a “fast growth” market and in such a competitive location as Berlin.

More Transparency

The customizable dashboards from Marin for a quick overview and the comprehensive and cross-channel report area ensure that nothing remains hidden and that, for example, below-average keywords or ad groups are identified quickly and automatically.

The performance forecasting tools in the Marin Interface also help to check potential new campaigns with regard to their efficiency and the contribution to the corporate goal before they go live.

Individual Customer Support

The multitude of possibilities to get in touch with customer support at Marin corresponds to the way the marketing team at Digital Performance works. Whether it is the contact via chat in urgent cases or with short questions in between - or a support ticket for more strategic and complex questions. At Marin, the best contact persons are always responsible for exactly the right request in the background.