• Consistently higher keyword quality score with PositionLock
  • Lower CPC for the same positioning
  • Strategic advantage outpaced the competition
  • Greater efficiency and ease of use

The Challenge

A leading entertainment company’s in-house marketing team was looking for an efficient and quick solution to scale their bid changes several times a day, so that they could maintain a high position in search results. Since their competition is so fierce, the key to their successful search acquisition strategy is to keep a strong presence on generic keywords at all times.

The Solution — Marin PositionLock™

PositionLock is an intraday bid optimization solution designed to help paid search advertisers maximize visibility, traffic, and conversions by maintaining device-appropriate ad positions throughout a given day. This is especially crucial for highly competitive terms, as customers want to make sure they’re hitting their position goals throughout the day. If a competitor enters the auction, PositionLock reacts and bids to the desired position.

Using PositionLock, the customer was able to automatically manage strategic keywords, and position bids across several accounts and markets.

A Winning Strategy

In a short time, the strategic keywords achieved and kept the desired position with these specific results:

Specific results include:

  • All keywords on PositionLock achieved a 10 Quality Score after just a couple of days
  • Lower CPC for the same positioning
  • Strategic advantage on the competition, who were unable to keep up with up to 12 bid changes throughout the day
  • Greater efficiency and ease of use