• 13% increase in conversions and a 59% decrease in cost per conversion for Cricket Australia
  • Approximately 50% time savings after implementing Marin Software
  • Full transparency into the value its activities are driving, providing valuable insight into which campaigns are returning the highest performance

Mediacom delivers client Cricket Australia a 13% increase in conversions with Marin

MediaCom is one of the world’s largest media agencies. Its services include media and interactive planning and buying, return on investment (ROI) research, online and search engine marketing, consumer insights, media strategy and branded content. MediaCom believes that every one of its clients should benefit from the most up-to-date digital services and technology solutions available to ensure it delivers the insight and accountability that has come to be expected as part of its service.

Within no time of implementing Marin Software, our team was able to reallocate the time they used to spend on daily campaign managment and bid optimisation to other tasks. Its implementation has meant a better return for each of our clients on their investment in digital marketing and this is ultimately our objective

Prad Ray
Performance & Search Director at MediaCom Australia

Seeking an automated and scalable solution

Working with some of the biggest brands in Asia-Pacific (APAC), MediaCom Australia understood it needed a unified digital marketing solution that would meet the unique workflow, analytics and optimisation needs of each of its clients.

With more than 5 million keywords under management for its Australian clients, MediaCom required a scalable solution that could be easily integrated to manage revenue acquisition strategies across multiple channels. Ultimately its aim was to improve digital marketing outcomes and productivity across the board for its clients.

Transforming complexity into opportunity

MediaCom chose Marin Software based on its unmatched service levels, the value for spend it represented and its unique capabilities to optimise the performance of MediaCom’s many search campaigns.

Marin Software understood its value to MediaCom as transforming complexity into opportunity. It would need to implement a solution to provide MediaCom with complete visibility into the effectiveness of its clients’ marketing activities, allow it to nimbly respond to changing market conditions, and save the MediaCom team significant time on reporting and optimisation. Ultimately it would need to reach and exceed MediaCom’s digital marketing goals and maximise revenue.

Automated bidding saves time and decreases CPCs by 59%

Marin Software’s centralised campaign management system has given MediaCom a comprehensive view of the performance of its clients digital marketing activities. The platform’s automated bidding folders and positional bidding functions allow MediaCom to implement tactics at the click of a button; a task that previously required tedious daily attention from the team. MediaCom can now manage, report and optimise campaigns in just minutes; saving a significant amount of time and allowing it to allocate more resources to its search efforts.

One of MediaCom’s client’s, Cricket Australia, achieved a 13% increase in conversions while decreasing its cost per conversion (CPC) by 59% utilising the Marin platform. Marin’s automated bidding function and it’s reporting and tracking capabilities achieved timesavings of approximately 50% for the Cricket Australia account. By driving cost per acquisition (CPA) down, MediaCom has not only been able to drive more conversions per dollar, but can also now allocate more of its overall budget to search efficiencies.