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  • Leveraged Marin's automation features to increase team's efficiencies
  • Doubled click-through-rate
  • Increase spend efficiency across paid-search program

Managing over 60 campaigns and bidding across thousands of keywords was nearly impossible given all of our digital marketing initiatives. Marin Professional helped us double our click through rate while at the same time automating our paid-search campaigns.

Christine Elliott
Marketing Manager at Park ‘N Fly


Park ‘N Fly, a BCD Holdings N.V. Company, was founded in 1967 as the first offsite-airport parking company specifically geared toward the business traveler. Today, Park ‘N Fly operates 17 facilities in 15 markets nationwide. Additionally, Park ‘N Fly offers a network of off-airport parking services at over 60 airports through its internet-based reservation system, the Park ‘N Fly Network. Park ‘N Fly’s business is driven by the same seasonality that impacts the travel industry overall with holidays, in particular, as the busiest times of the year. Catering to the needs of its main customer base, Park ‘N Fly shifted its focus to digital marketing to expand the business and make booking online reservations efficient and easy.

Once Park ‘N Fly established their digital presence, they realized they needed to invest in new technology to help gain visibility into their 65 paid search campaigns. More specifically, they required a solution for managing and optimizing over 2,000 keywords across multiple publishers. With a small marketing team focused on both digital and traditional media, Park ‘N Fly not only needed a solution that would help them improve their search marketing performance, but also allowed them to automate the day-to-day tasks related to their paid-search campaigns.


Park ‘N Fly selected Marin Professional to help them manage their search marketing efforts. The evaluation process focused mostly on a true bid-management system that would help them hit their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals. Marin Professional’s patented bidding algorithm set the platform apart from the other solutions under consideration.

With Marin Professional, Park ‘N Fly is able to quickly optimize their campaigns to CPA-based bidding goals, allowing them to more effectively spend their paid-search budget alongside other digital marketing initiatives. The automation provided by Marin Professional gives Park ‘N Fly the freedom to focus on campaign expansion and optimization rather than being mired in the tactical, day-to-day management activities.

Utilizing daily, emailed alerts, Park ‘N Fly receives timely notifications and can take immediate action to address dips in conversions. Knowing these automated reports will give them the visibility they need, Park ‘N Fly does not need to spend hours manually pulling reports and running analyses in Excel.

In order to ensure their paid-search ads appear on the first page of search results, Park ‘N Fly leverages the recommended first-page bid feature within Marin Professional. For keywords below the first-page bid, Park ‘N Fly can override the automated group bid and use the recommended first-page bid—giving them the ability to automate yet maintain control.


Within a few months of deploying Marin Professional, Park ‘N Fly doubled their click-through-rate to 6% versus 3% for the same time period the previous year. This was achieved while decreasing the number of impressions, indicating an increase in spend efficiency across their paid-search program. Furthermore, Park ‘N Fly has seen these improvements in performance while giving them the ability to manage their paid-search campaigns in-house—leveraging Marin Professional’s automation features and functionality—which has increased efficiencies within their entire marketing department.