• 11% decrease in CPL
  • Keywords optimized from 600 to 40


PaySimple is an industry-leading provider of payment management solutions, which simplifies billing and collection processes by enabling you to bill, collect and deposit all of your payments automatically. Their customized, secure ASP solution includes recurring billing, electronic check processing and direct debit and credit card processing, and serves over 17,000 businesses nationwide.

Marin continues to be an easy-to-use and expansive tool with auto-bidding features that rival and exceed Google’s capabilities. Marin’s Awareness Targeting allowed us to leverage the full potential of impression rate bidding, and saw great improvement during a time that has historically been a lot slower for us.

Van Miller


With a smaller marketing budget in Q4, the PaySimple team wanted to experiment with the idea of an “off-season marketing strategy,” and see if there was incremental performance to be gained by focusing on brand awareness and the frequency at which ads actually show up in the auction.

As a result, they tested Marin’s Awareness Targeting bid strategy to maximize their share of search ad impressions and drive as many quality leads within their given CPL goal.


The first step the PaySimple team took was auditing their current keyword list and assessing whether their existing campaigns were doing well with the original set of terms they optimized for. By analyzing a combination of CPAs, CPCs, and overall spend, they were able to cut their keyword list from 600 to 40.

Once they were comfortable with their new keywords, they leveraged Marin’s Awareness Targeting to help maintain the ideal impression rate during a seasonal downtrend. They were able to target a specific impression rate range and maximize their reach on the Search Engine Results Page, especially on any high volume, highly competitive terms. Marin automatically suggested impression rate targets based on PaySimple’s historical performance, which made it easy for the team to align their goals with the expected results.


PaySimple was able to maintain a consistent conversion volume during a slower time, while both CPC and CPL decreased by 11% from the previous month.