A little about Razorfish

Razorfish is one of the largest interactive marketing companies in the world. With a demonstrated commitment to innovation, Razorfish counsels its clients on how to leverage digital channels such as the Web, mobile devices, in-store technologies, and other emerging media to engage people, build brand loyalty and provide excellent customer service. Razorfish has offices in markets across the US, and in Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, and the UK. Clients include Carnival Cruise Lines, MillerCoors, Levi Strauss & Co., McDonald’s, and Starwood Hotels.

With Marin, I can ins tantly get a 360-degree view of how our search marketing program is working for our clients at a variety of levels. The filter functionality allows for me to quickly sift through an account to understand performance across client KPI’s across hundreds of thousands of keywords and seamlessly generate critical reports with the click of a button, and measure ROI to the keyword level on any account at any time.

Lindsay Blankenship
Director, Search Marketing at Razorfish

Razorfish wanted to centralize paid search management across their client base

Razorfish operates an extensive search marketing department, delivering full-service SEM and SEO services to large brand-name clients. The search marketing team of 100+ experts is spread out across the U.S. and manages hundreds of accounts for over 50 large brands, including J. Crew, Shutterfly, Starwood, Weight Watchers, Disney and CapitalOne..

With search marketing being such a crucial – and fast-growing – part of Razorfish’s business, the company wanted to standardize paid-search management onto one, robust application, enabling the agency’s paid search experts to drive more efficiency and higher ROI out of the paid search channel for their clients. The paid search management application had to be easy to use, scalable, and seamlessly integrate with Razorfish’s existing analytics and campaign management platforms, allowing teams to quickly port existing search management accounts and third-party data onto the platform for minimal client disruption.

Years prior to selecting a new search management application, Razorfish managed their accounts using a first-generation application that required significant manual campaign management. This process was time-consuming and cumbersome. Simple ad-hoc client requests for reporting often required a specialist to spend hours pulling and manually analyzing data. Razorfish needed a next-generation application that could efficiently handle the paid search programs of their diverse clientele; automate reporting for analysis and trend spotting; and provide sophisticated geo-targeting features for large accounts, as well as easy-to-use optimization and creative testing features for smaller accounts.

With Marin, Sitewire reduced time to deploy while maintaining URLS (and quality score history)

Razorfish undertook a comprehensive review of all paid search management applications on the market and chose Marin Software for its ability to accurately measure and improve paid search ROI, quickly onboard new clients, and streamline the process of bid and campaign optimization. Razorfish account managers and account executives use Marin Software on a daily basis to manage all aspects of their clients’ paid search programs – from bid management and reporting, to campaign analysis and optimization – while managers such as the Director of Search Marketing use Marin’s dashboard to get a high-level view of program performance. Marin’s ability to create reports in minutes was a real plus for Razorfish, as any time saved from doing manual reporting could be reinvested into improving client support, integration, and strategic planning.

  • Dimension reporting – Allows Razorfish search teams to roll-up search performance data using custom hierarchies for information such as brand, category, promotion, and campaign across all publishers.
  • Automated reporting – Scheduled delivery of tailored reports saves the search team hours of work each day. From high-level, weekly reports for the client to more detailed daily reporting for internal management, Razorfish’s search marketing teams now spend minutes on setting up a recurring report rather than hours of time stitching together data in Excel worksheets.
  • Keyword expansion and creative testing – Integrated keyword research and testing tools enable teams to quickly scale campaigns and increase conversion rates.
  • Flexible and rapid implementation – Marin’s ability to integrate with existing tracking tools and onboard clients quickly allows Razorfish to implement new business, faster.

Razorfish has been working with Marin Software since early 2008 to help manage its search programs globally across all of its offices.

Great improvement for Razorfish using Marin

By integrating the data from all publishers in one place, Marin enables Symantec to quickly analyze and optimize revenue performance on a daily basis, identify the outliers and trends, and apply this information to inform strategy. Despite the complexity of multiple publishers, multiple conversion types and campaigns that span not only search but display and retargeting, Marin’s automated bidding capability enables Symantec to key on revenue maximization—the one financial metric that means the most to their business—and provided a 67% increase in their return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • Reduced time spent on daily bidding, reporting, and campaign management by up to 50%
  • Reduced time spent on-boarding new clients by two-thirds
  • Re-investment of team resources to better serve clients and optimize campaigns for higher performance and ROI
  • More accurate budget forecasting based on clients’ specific conversion and ROI goals
  • More accurate daily, weekly, and monthly reporting – at the keyword, ad group, campaign, and trend (seasonal, promotional, etc.) level
  • Improved overall campaign performance and boosted ROI on accounts
  • Dashboard view of key performance indicators allows teams to make quick decisions to increase or decrease bids and budgets, set new ROI goals, or change keyword makeup