New York, USA
  • CPI reduction by 60%
  • Related organic growth up 200%
  • Better reporting and analytics

A little about Labelium and Sharalike

Labelium is an international online marketing agency. For over 14 years, Labelium has helped drive the growth of prominent, high-profile websites, including LVMH, the L’Oréal Group, Sephora Europe, Club Med, Air France, Condé Nast Digital Europe and Société Générale, just to name a few. Their European, North American, South American, and Australian teams keep a close eye on the ever-evolving digital media space, allowing them to react quickly to changes and new technologies and recommend the most up-to-date solutions for their global clients.

Sharalike is a versatile, easy to use photo slideshow creator. It allows anyone with cell phone pictures, digital photos, and videos to easily create slideshows and share them with friends and family via email and social media. So far, the app has been downloaded 950,000 times and 20 Million pictures have been converted to slideshows.

We’ve been using Marin Software for almost three years now. We knew that combining our expertise with Marin’s would allow us to reach Sharalike’s goal, and we did just that. With the Marin pivot table, bulk editor, and beta features, we were able to achieve extremely low CPI, while targeting the user that were the most likely to share content and generate viral organic acquisition.

Mourad Zeggari
Managing Director, Labelium

Sharalike looks to acquire better user and grows its organic through smart paid acquisition campaign

Sharalike is quickly growing beyond a startup, and they were open to using any solution that would drive the most cost-effective paid campaign, while enabling a virtuous viral loop by targeting user that would share content with the app. In addition, their reporting was not robust enough to ensure consistently successful campaigns, so they needed to drastically improve their analytics capabilities. “Our objective with targeted paid acquisition was to find user who would spread our app further. The paid campaign have acted as fuel for our organic growth.”

Real-time insights and greater time savings

Sharalike chose Marin Software to help them reduce their CPI, grow their audience, and provide better reporting. Marin’s pivot tables allowed Sharalike to dive deeper into their campaign performance, while URL Builder allowed them to easily create and edit URLs in bulk.

Spending less and gaining more

After using Marin, Sharalike experienced dramatically improved numbers in CPI, growth and return users. Specific results include:

  • CPI reduction by 60%
  • Related organic growth up 200%
  • Greater reporting efficiency and ease of use