• Marin Software selected due to flexible allocation models and transparent bidding algorithm
  • Help from the Marin community, Video Training and Certification, as well as tailored training allowed them to quickly take advantage of the platform.
  • ROA increased by 12% and set a revenue record in January


Founded in France in 2006 by three young entrepreneurs, is the number one selling shoe online in Europe. It offers more than 30,000 models across 700 brands, and offers exceptional service to its customers. is active in 30 countries including France, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

After a short period using Marin, the performance exceeded our expectations and the platform will undoubtedly be a critical success factor for in the future. Also, I am delighted with the local support from the Marin team. He wanted to get the most out of Marin as soon as possible and thanks to the skills, care and training of his team we were able to quickly leverage the benefits of the platform to make a positive impact on's business.

Jérémie Touchard
Cofounder at


When considering a bid management solution, needed a solution that offered insight into the conversion path through keywords. Also, they wanted complete visibility of how each ad or keyword was optimized with the unique calculation of each CPC. Spartoo failed to build its own algorithm to calculate each CPC for a given goal. Other tools also did not show better results.

Spartoo needed a scalable management platform to apply its advanced bidding methodologies to its paid search program across multiple locations and campaigns in different languages. In addition, required comprehensive tailored training and support to fully utilize a solution and efficient execution of its advanced campaign optimization strategies.

Solution chose to work with Marin Software for their predictive bidding algorithm that combines the power of algorithmic automation, while offering the flexibility to adapt rapidly evolving ads. Marin Software's ability to attribute conversion credit through each customer click allowed to customize its attribution model and bid calculation to meet its financial goals. Furthermore, Marin Software offers services throughout Europe in local languages, which allowed to reduce the time spent managing campaigns in different geographical areas. This allowed them to spend more time optimizing their campaigns to earn more revenue. With the help of the interactive community, full training videos and a certification program, quickly learned the advanced features and functionality of Marin Enterprise. Thanks to a customer support infrastructure that spans across Europe, Marin was able to deliver tailored training for This enabled them to quickly apply the power and flexibility of the Marin Software platform for their paid search campaigns.


As a result of the power and flexibility of the Marin Software bidding algorithm, coupled with the tailored training and advanced support provided by the Global Services team, saw a 12% increase in return on ad spend without increasing their budgets. Moreover, they experienced their best month of January within the first few months of working with Marin, setting a record for earned income.