Perth, Australia
  • 66.7% increase in conversions
  • 2 hour time-savings per week
  • Reduced errors and out-of-date ads

Powering quotes and leads around the globe

The Quote Company was founded in 2011 to generate quality sales leads primarily in the solar power vertical. The business has since expanded operations across Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Ireland. They help make life easier for customers by taking the hassle out of finding reliable service providers, while also making life easier for suppliers by delivering a reliable flow of sales leads.

Marin Software has done a brilliant job helping us extract more value across our search marketing programs. Using Smart Sync, we are able to manage Google and Bing campaigns in tandem, saving time and increasing efficiencies so we can deliver more quotes and leads for our customers.

Mitchell Kelly
Search and Display Marketing Manager at The Quote Company

The challenge of cross-publisher management

Driving leads at a profitable ROI is The Quote Company’s top priority. Their small in-house marketing team manages search programs with specific targets for each lead channel, and works to be as efficient as possible. The Quote Company was finding success running high-volume search campaigns on Google, and smaller yet cost-effective campaigns on Bing.

Unfortunately, the process of copying changes from Google to Bing campaigns was both time-consuming and tedious. And due to the lower search volume on Bing, the team could not justify spending an equal amount of time managing those campaigns relative to Google. This led to costly errors and out-of-date ad copy on Bing.

Taking advantage of Smart Sync technology

To combat these issues, The Quote Company decided to try Marin Software’s Smart Sync feature, designed to help advertisers experience the benefit of advertising across publishers without the hassle of creating and managing campaigns separately.

Using Smart Sync, The Quote Company was able to easily copy information at the account, campaign, and group levels from Google to Bing. Once copied, Smart Sync continues to sync any changes the team makes from Google to Bing, ensuring that all campaigns remained matched and current. This streamlined way of management has allowed The Quote Company to treat Bing simply as an extension of their overall search reach, by automatically pushing changes from Google to Bing.

More leads, more efficiencies, more profits

Since using Smart Sync, The Quote Company has realized major ad spend efficiencies and time-savings. In just two weeks, they saw a 66.7% increase in conversions from Bing campaigns for only a 5.2% increase in cost per acquisition. Time spent managing Bing campaigns has also been reduced by two hours a week. Finally, The Quote Company has benefitted from specific recommendations and resources from their Marin Software account team, above and beyond the support available from the publishers. Specific results include:

  • 66.7% increase in conversions
  • 2 hour time-savings per week
  • Reduced errors and out-of-date ads