Harness the power of perfect audiences

Does reaching customers with messages tailored to their needs feel like a guessing game? End the guesswork. The Marin platform lets you use more data from more sources to convert high-value audiences into customers. You unlock the full power of digital marketing by harnessing internal and third-party data to create and target audiences across channels.

Turn audiences into customers

  • Capitalize on the value of your audience data

    You’ve got the data – but can you use it to speak to customers with ads that match their stage in the marketing funnel? With Marin, the answer is yes. Combine data about customers’ online behavior, CRM history, and interaction with ads to target audiences with the right message at the right time.

  • Increase customer lifetime value

    Open the door to more upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Marin lets you automatically define audiences based on their purchase history. As you connect them to other products and offerings, you deepen their loyalty and build higher lifetime value.

  • Share audience signals across channels

    Intent data can be expensive – Marin helps you realize its true value. You use built-in intelligence to apply intent to build audiences across social channels, improving messaging and performance. Plus, search intent audiences can enhance retargeting and help you build look-alike audiences for prospecting.

  • Optimize ad targeting by audience

    Empower your team to focus on customer conversations – without having to worry about channel-specific details. Marin accelerates moving customers through the marketing funnel, from discovery to conversion.

  • Simplify cross-channel audience retargeting

    Are you confident that you’re retargeting effectively? Define audience lists once with Marin Smart TagTM. You can then selectively co-fire tracking pixels to synchronously create common audience lists for targeting across channels, such as Google RLSA. Audience segments receive the kinds of relevant ads that build connection and increase ROI.

Make the most of your search intent

Your audiences await. Schedule your live, personalized demo today to see how Marin can help you connect the right messages with the right customers.