• 20x return on ad spend from retargeting
  • No dip in conversions from other ad sources

A little about American Apparel

American Apparel makes sweatshop-free fashion basics, from T-shirts and hoodies to blazers and lace garments. They have 320 retail outlets and 12 online web stores serving most regions of the world.

ROI was off the charts — we made a ton of money. You typically see 5 -10x return on spend with retargeting but with Marin Display we were getting at least a 20x return.

Milt Deherrera
Web Marketing Manager at American Apparel

The Opportunity

American Apparel had tried Facebook ads a few years ago, but the fact that they could not track purchasing conversions was a deal breaker. And while their experience with display retargeting was positive, they also saw dips in the conversion rate of other ad sources causing them to wonder if the retargeting ads were simply “stealing conversions” from their other ads.

The Solution

When Milt heard that the Marin Display Facebook retargeting platform had the ability to track conversions, they gave it a shot. They did an initial trial with several seasonal products, making full use of PA’s advanced targeting features and API to deliver different messages to different subsets of users (ie: kids vs women’s clothing). They saw “off the charts ROI” and best of all, no dip in conversion from other ad sources.


  • 20x return on ad spend, far surpassing the 5-10x they typically expected from retargeting
  • No dip in conversions from other ad sources, meaning revenue growth is from new customers