Mechanicsville, VA
  • Integration of offline coupon redemption data
  • Monthly revenue from paid search increased by 10x
  • Conversion rates increased 74%
  • CPC decreased nearly 70%

A little about AMF and MediaWhiz

AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers, with over 285 centers in the United States. In 2010, AMF Bowling set a goal of increasing revenues from its online coupon redemption program, and subsequently turned to MediaWhiz for help with campaign strategy, design, and execution.

MediaWhiz, a Hyper Marketing Inc. company, was founded in 2001 and has rapidly become a leading online performance marketing agency that helps clients acquire customers more profitably. MediaWhiz specializes in combining all forms of online performance marketing (Affiliate, Search, Social, Display, Email and Data Acquisition) for a broad range of leading advertisers. MediaWhiz has standardized on Marin Software as its platform for managing and optimizing paid search.

We’ve customized Marin to our specifc needs creating a client solution that drives efficiency through the automation of bid management and offine revenue pass back for ROAS 360 degree measurement. Marin’s fexibility and willingness to work with us and RevTrax to take advantage of custom data integration opportunities for our clients has further enhanced our reporting and optimization capabilities.

Kaleb Ernest
Search Marketing Operations Manager at MediaWhiz


AMF Bowling’s online marketing campaign is unique in that AMF Bowling needs to entice customers to visit a local bowling center rather than simply encourage them to purchase an item online or download a piece of collateral. With over 285 bowling centers across the country, AMF Bowling utilizes coupon offers to drive customers to a nearby location. The company found tailoring paid search campaigns for local offers to be extremely time consuming as each campaign requires the localization of thousands of keywords, adjustments to geo-targeting settings, and customization of coupon offers in ad creative.

Tracking the effectiveness of search marketing also proved difficult since coupons were redeemed offline. Consequently, AMF Bowling needed a tool that could integrate offline conversion data from RevTrax –a coupon analytics platform – with campaign data from the search engines to accurately analyze return on advertising spend (ROAS). Moreover, the team needed a tool that could provide the necessary workflow to manage the complexity of nearly three hundred local campaigns.


MediaWhiz’s integral use of Marin Software allowed the marketing agency to succeed straight out of the gate with AMF Bowling’s search marketing campaign. The flexibility of Marin’s platform permitted offline conversion data to be factored in for accurate campaign analysis, while automated bid management and improved workflow increased overall campaign performance.

After 6 months, monthly revenue attributed to search marketing was more than 10 times higher than revenue in the first month of the program. Over nine months, AMF Bowling’s conversion rate jumped 74% and cost per conversion (CPC) dropped nearly 70%.