• 3x higher ROAS
  • Smarter, data-driven decisions

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Marin’s cross-channel measurement insights allowed us to better understand the user journey and develop strategies from a cross-channel lens. We highly recommend Marin for their unique ability to not only measure performance across channels, but to take action on those insights.

Alex Torres
Senior Performance Marketing Manager Buyagift & Red Letter Days

The Limitations of Cookie-Based Tracking

Buyagift had been actively allocating budgets to multiple media channels with separate strategies, but found it challenging to statistically prove how these campaigns were influencing each other. The team measured performance on a last-click attribution with cookie based tracking, with the known limitation of not being able to identify shoppers across devices. Buyagift’s direct response advertising budget was predominantly geared towards remarketing non-converters at the bottom of the funnel.

More Accurate Measurement Across Device

With TruePath, Buyagift was able to better understand the value of each touchpoint to conversion, and make more intelligent investments to increase revenue and scale across channels. After a month of collecting de-duped conversion data, TruePath uncovered powerful insights, such as exactly how significant multiple touches were in influencing conversions. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was nearly 3x higher on a multi-touch attribution model using TruePath data than ROAS based on a cookie-based model.

Marin combined deep database insights and technology with field marketing expertise led by our Customer Success team to produce customized reports tailored to Buyagift’s business. This allowed Buyagift to make smarter, data-driven decisions to impact the bottom line.

Capitalizing on Social’s Influence on the Path to Purchase

Buyagift increased their social budget by nearly 150% and adopted new strategies to better address each stage of the funnel, such as prospecting with Broad Audiences for Dynamic Ads. The combination of these changes increased ROAS by 284%.