Cofinoga has been a credit specialist for more than 40 years, 3 million customers trust it in France. Cofinoga offers a wide range of financial services, particularly in the area of ​​consumer credit.

Marin integrated the Keyword Marketer profession from the start, which makes it easier to learn and use its interface. It is easy to find your way and quickly access relevant information through the various search engines. With Marin's Dimensions, we can overcome the constraints inherent in campaign structures and we now have a transversal view by product line on all engines.

Thibaut Vouloir
Acquisition Manager, SEM at Cofinoga


SEA has long been one of Cofinoga's main acquisition levers. In recent years, the finance industry has become increasingly competitive with steadily rising CCPs. With the objective of maintaining volumes while lowering the cost of acquisition, Cofinoga sought the best way to optimize its campaigns, improve reporting capacities and reduce the time spent on uploading new campaigns.


Cofinoga has decided to use Marin solutions to automatically optimize its auctions but also to simplify the management of its campaigns. Thanks to Marin, Cofinoga was able to define bidding strategies flexibly according to its financial objectives, depending on the product categories. : Target CPA, position, volume.

Cofinoga also benefits from Marin's Dimensions, which allows it to avoid the constraints imposed by search engines in terms of campaign structure. This also provides a transversal view by product on all the engines, thus allowing a more flexible configuration of the reporting and a simplified reading of the performances. Marin's product approach thus offers real relevance for campaign management and performance analysis while guaranteeing precision, flexibility and speed of execution.

In addition, features such as the automatic update of reports by web query and multi-engine mass modifications have enabled teams to save precious time. This efficiency also allows the team to test new approaches and innovations on social networks or in terms of native advertising on Yahoo Gemini. Marin's desire to innovate and to remain an open platform that is quickly compatible with the latest formats launched by engines, allows Cofinoga to try new approaches without delay. The teams appreciate the tool's ease of use and quick access to various functions, thus improving its productivity.


Several bidding strategies have been configured:

  • Positioning strategy in order to guarantee positions on very strategic keywords. Marin's bidding solution maintains the defined positions for all the keywords in the file every day.
  • Lead maximization strategy with a target CPL, which makes it possible to control the CPL: By comparing the performance of non-brand campaigns on Google for the period Sept-December 2014 we observe a decrease in the cost of acquisition of 17%, with a slight drop in volumes (-9%).