Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 5x increase in new gamers
  • 95% increase in paying users
  • 75% increase in ROI

The Game is On

Liniad is a fast-growing media company that helps clients maximize their marketing ROI by reaching quality users across different markets, especially in the world of mobile gaming. They recently worked with a major social gaming company to promote an epic new mobile game.

We use Marin as our preferred Facebook Marketing Partner. Our campaign managers love the friendly user interface along with the in-depth optimization tools.

Itay Hakuki
CEO at Liniad

Epic Goals for Mobile Gamer Acquisition

Following the game's release, Liniad was asked to scale the amount of paying users and increase overall return on investment. To reach these goals, Liniad knew they would need a hyper-targeted and audience-focused gamer acquisition strategy. They opted for a two-pronged approach of increasing the lifetime value of Android gamers while also increasing the volume of paying iOS gamers.

Executing on a Hyper-Targeted Battle Plan

Liniad selected Marin Software as their preferred Facebook Marketing Partner, and opted to run Facebook mobile app install ads to drive downloads and boost engagement with the mobile gaming app. Getting started was easy, thanks to the bulk creation and editing tools in the Marin Social platform. In fact, Liniad was able to create hundreds of new Facebook ad variations in minutes, rather than hours.

Next, armed with detailed data from previous gaming campaigns, Liniad used Marin Social’s targeting settings to create highly relevant lookalike audiences. Advanced reporting helped the team identify valuable audience segments, which Liniad then used to strategically adjust targeting and creative to maximize lifetime value. Finally, Liniad took advantage of Marin Social’s flexible bidding rules to stay ahead of the competition and optimize toward their acquisition goals in real-time.

A Winning Strategy

In just one month, the campaign produced dramatic growth in the number of new and paying gamers. Given the success of the campaigns, Liniad is now considering additional programs to drive engagement with Facebook video ads using the Marin Social platform.

Specific results include:

  • 5x increase in new gamers
  • 95% increase in paying users
  • 75% increase in ROI
  • Liniad ranked #1 partner for gamer acquisition to the game