Sartell, MN, USA
  • 45% increase in conversions from paid search
  • 28% boost in revenue
  • 50% decreased in time spent on paid search

A little about NativeX

NativeX increases revenue, distribution, and engagement for Windows applications and plug-ins. NativeX uses a network approach combining the demand for free and trial applications monetized by the distribution of additional, relevant applications when the consumer is in the installation mindset. NativeX’s Application Network uses InstallIQ, NativeX’s proprietary Windows installation manager, the first installer to be certified in the TRUSTe Trusted Download Program. InstallIQ has completed 300 million installs and is growing at a pace of over nine million installs monthly.

Since we began working with Marin Software, our SEM program has benefitted from the increased efficiency, flexibility, and transparency the platform offers. Needless to say, we have really enjoyed the experience and plan to continue working with Marin Software as partners in our pay-per-click initiatives.

Peter Novotny
Marketing Manager at NativeX

NativeX wanted to scale their campaigns

NativeX runs a large-scale paid search marketing program with over 165,000 keywords. The company uses paid search marketing to drive traffic to a network of owned-and operated sites offering free software downloads, including casual games, social applications, utility software, and music software. NativeX had a small internal team working full-time on their paid search program; the team relied on external publisher tools, an in-house reporting tool, and spreadsheets to manage keyword and ad-group bidding. As NativeX continued to expand its paid-search campaigns to drive traffic to a broad mix of sites, the company’s keyword base grew too unwieldy and cumbersome to manage with their in-house tools. NativeX needed a robust and scalable paid-search management application to manage its growing search program.

Impressed by Marin’s campaign management and bidding tools

NativeX undertook a comprehensive assessment of the top paid-search solutions on the market and chose Marin Software based on the strength of its sophisticated technology, cutting-edge features, and knowledgable client services team. NativeX was impressed with Marin’s easy-to-use interface and automated bidding technology that calculates bids for all their keywords and ad groups daily based on business and ROI goals set by the users. Marin’s ability to easily upload data feeds and automatically create keyword-tracking URLs were key workflow enhancements for NativeX as well as the ability to pull reports for any date range and any combination of metrics in just a few clicks. NativeX now uses Marin to manage the majority of its paid search program, spanning over 165,000 keywords and hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in spend.


Marin has delivered impressive results to NativeX. The automation and workflow efficiencies Marin brought to NativeX’s extensive paid-search program allowed the company to cut the time spent managing paid search in half. By reducing the number of resources needed to manage the day-to-day search program, developers are now able to work on more critical projects elsewhere in the organization and search managers can focus on optimizing campaigns. Furthermore, with Marin’s automated bidding, NativeX boosted conversions from paid search by 45%. This resulted in a 28% increase in revenues generated from paid search, while holding return on investment steady.

  • 45% increase in paid-search conversions
  • 28% increase in revenue