• Ability to score and segment audiences based on their search intent value
  • Automatic budget allocation and search retargeting via lower-cost, programmatic display channels

The Challenge: Search Intent Scoring to Power Display Remarketing

A leading fashion brand marketer wanted its search intent data programmatically scored, and then leveraged to guide their display remarketing strategy and budget allocation.

Before the brand could meet its goals, it had to overcome a few key challenges:

  • How does search behavior get captured and used for programmatic ad buying? 

  • How do search queries get scored?
  • Once the scoring logic is defined, how to scale this logic to over a million keywords and update the results on a daily basis?

The Solution: Marin ScoreCard

To address the question of how to classify keywords, the brand tested a new approach called Marin ScoreCard. This offering from Marin allows the advertiser to define the variables important to their program, and then makes decisions based on those inputs. In this case, the key performance indicator was historical performance data. Here’s a quick snapshot of the metadata that ScoreCard produced:

  • ROAS cohorts (four cohorts, ranked from high to low) 

  • Brand terms queries
  • Net new queries
  • Tail queries

Once configured and enabled, Marin’s ScoreCard runs daily to correctly assign queries based on the most recent performance data. At scale, ScoreCard was making several million updates per week. This allowed the advertiser to focus on their strategic and creative endeavors, while outsourcing the tactical tasks to Marin ScoreCard.

Retargeting and Efficiency at Scale

Thanks to a cross-channel search and display strategy, the brand realized several new capabilities and benefits:

  • It can now capture and segment search intent data based on performance. 

  • Automatic segmentation allows for classification of keyword intent at scale.
  • Marin Display automatically captures and applies this data to inform the brand’s retargeting strategy.