Revenue Connect

Connect data from all your marketing channels to optimize for customer lifetime value.


Optimize for lifetime value across channels from any data source

In an increasingly competitive environment, online marketers must look beyond simple conversion metrics to fully optimize cross-channel campaigns. Relying entirely on publisher data as a source of truth can often result in misappropriation of budgets, misaligned optimization decisions and suboptimal performance. Advertisers have expanded the scope of conversion valuation to include many contribution points, including online and offline sales, latent transactions, customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Revenue Connect is an open, flexible platform that can easily consume data from any source, including analytics platforms, call-tracking solutions, attribution systems or internal data warehouses encompassing data from across all your marketing channels.

Using Revenue Connect, advertisers can see deep into their purchase funnels, connect offline sales to online advertising and optimize to customer lifetime value across Search, Social and Display publishers.

With Marin, cross-channel advertisers can take advantage of unique, proven, flexible revenue management framework to help them leverage their first-party data to improve insights and boost cross-channel ROI.

Finally, advertisers have a turnkey solution for multi-channel revenue acquisition and can break down silos created from less effective single-channel approaches to campaign management.

Open platform for integration from any revenue source

MarinOne is an open platform, and the only digital marketing platform with a certified integration partner program. While Marin customers can report, analyze and optimize their Search, Social and Display publishers from any data source, revenue data from certified partners can be integrated into the Marin system quickly and easily. Choosing to integrate revenue data from a Marin certified partner allows you to start improving your ROI faster than ever. Marin certified revenue integration partners include Google Analytics, Publisher Tracking, Standard Revenue Upload, SmartTag, Adobe Analytics, and many more.