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MarinOne is the answer to the challenges facing today’s digital marketer. By bringing search, social, and eCommerce advertising into a single platform, MarinOne helps advertisers maximize the results of their digital campaigns by giving them a single view of the customer.

As fierce competitors, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are never going to help you make your advertising work effectively across channels. To stand out, advertisers need a platform that can help them:



The most powerful weapon a performance marketer can use is their own data. MarinOne is designed to take full advantage of all available data—including your CRM, data warehouse, and publisher data, and third-party signals.



MarinOne aligns your ad campaigns across multiple publishers, helping you get the spend mix right while analyzing each channel’s influence on one another. It’s one of the most effective differentiators for the modern performance marketer.



MarinOne supplements publisher tools by amplifying campaigns to drive performance. The results are additional volume, and superior performance—compared to the limitations you encounter while using single-channel publisher tools alone.

MarinOne Capabilities

  • Your data

    Your data

    As an open and independent platform, MarinOne seamlessly connects your first-party data to your digital marketing efforts.

  • Consolidated shopping ad campaigns

    Consolidated shopping ad campaigns

    SmartFeed gives you control over your product feed, allowing you to organize, optimize, and test it before sending your ads to Google, Facebook, or Amazon.

  • Advanced campaign intelligence

    Advanced campaign intelligence

    Gain a new level of campaign insight with a unified, customizable dashboard. Easily view and share reports on Audiences, Shopping, Day of Week, and more.

  • Holistic view of performance

    A holistic view of performance

    Marin’s cross-channel reporting links impression, click, and conversion data to help drive accurate measurement while preventing conversion duplication.

  • Cross-channel budget optimization

    Cross-channel budget optimization

    With Marin’s Budget Optimizer, automatically maximize budget allocation and performance across channels by putting every dollar to work where it’ll have the most impact.

  • Search intent that fuels social

    Search intent that fuels social

    Attract more customers and drive incremental revenue by using your AdWords campaigns to power your Facebook ad efforts.

  • Cross-publisher sync

    Cross-publisher sync

    Amplify your efforts by synching campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other publishers, driving incremental volume with minimal effort.

  • Shared libraries

    Shared libraries

    Reuse creative messaging, images, and videos across multiple campaigns, publishers, and accounts.

  • AI powered bidding

    AI-powered bidding

    Automatically calculate optimal bids for low-volume keywords using artificial intelligence. Marin’s patented approach to bidding leverages Bayesian estimation and dynamic clustering.

TempCover case study

40% increase in ROI on Facebook by transitioning from standard custom audience retargeting to targeting search intent audiences

The world’s top brands rely on Marin Software

Ready for the most demanding users, customers come to Marin for measurable performance improvements, reliability, and scalability.

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