Use machine learning and insights to gain
a competitive advantage

You can’t get ahead by using the same tactics and tools as other advertisers. With Marin as your ally, you apply machine learning to solve challenges and uncover hidden opportunities. Adding automation and intelligence to routine tasks frees you to focus on complex problem solving. And using data-driven insights to make decisions takes results even further.

Optimize cross-channel advertising
to convert more customers

  • Remove guesswork from campaigns and win customers with confidence

    Realize performance goals as the Marin Budget Optimizer allocates spend to highest performing ads. A transparent algorithm factors in historical year, month, and day trends. Apply recommendations from a what-if analysis tool that shows predicted clicks, conversions, and revenue by spend target. Use Marin Forecasting to find the best path to accelerated revenue growth.

  • Gain insights across channels and devices

    Make smarter, more informed decisions with unbiased, fully transparent reporting that cuts across channels, devices, and online and offline actions. In contrast, publisher-specific tools limit your view of customer touchpoints, forcing you to make decisions with an incomplete picture.

  • Optimize to audience, geo, time of day, and more

    The proliferation of available data has made it far too complicated to optimize campaigns manually. The patented Marin algorithm automatically considers granular data, such as ad performance, geographic locations, audience segment, and time of day, as it helps you to consistently realize optimized results from cross-channel advertising.

  • Build better bidding rules with triggers, such as weather or promotions

    The Marin cross-channel marketing platform supports more data from more sources than any other option. This makes it easy for you to use a wealth of first- and third-party data feeds to create and improve bidding rules. Layer your rules on top of the Marin bid optimization algorithm to capitalize on trends, such as weather or stock price changes.

There’s more than one way to Optimize – Find out How

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